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  • Synthesize four HRP-Au nanoparticle solutions for enzymatic study to be completed on 10/16/2013

General Protocol

  • The synthesis of the HRP wrapped Au nanoparticles followed the general procedure described on 08/28/2013 for the preparation of BSA-AuNPs.
  • Four solutions of HRP-NPs were prepared:
  1. 10mL 30:1 Au-HRP (Final concentration of Au: 0.25mM)
  2. 10mL 60:1 Au-HRP (Final concentration of Au: 0.25mM)
  3. 10mL 90:1 Au-HRP (Final concentration of Au: 0.25mM)
  4. 10mL 120:1 Au-HRP(Final concentration of Au: 0.25mM)

Preparation of solutions: Standard solution concentrations- 2.94mM Au and 16.27μM HRP

  Solution 1: 8.5E-4L gold and 0.028mL HRP
  Solution 2: 8.5E-4L gold and 0.014mL HRP
  Solution 3: 8.5E-4L gold and 0.0094mL HRP
  Solution 4: 8.5E-4L gold and 0.0071mL HRP


  • When first prepared, the solutions were all a brownish color. After heating, all of the solutions were a purplish color.
  • 30:1 Au-HRP and 60:1 Au-HRP solutions contained dark black precipitate at the bottom of the sample. This may be excess gold.
  • All samples were stored in the fridge after heating.