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  1. Measure the kinetics of the conversion of adenosine to inosine using ADA as a catalyst, in the presence of the inhibitor EHNA.


General Protocol:

  • The general protocol followed the general protocol described on 2013/10/08.
  • A new solution of 40μM adenosine solution was prepared following the protocol described on 2013/10/08.
  • 2μL EHNA was added to the prepared adenosine solution for approximately 1 minute before placing the solution in the cuvette.
  • A more detailed protocol is described in Matt Harting's notebook

Prepared solutions:

EHNA stock 5mg EHNA in 1mL DMSO ---> 15.9mM EHNA (1.9μL)(15.9mM EHNA)=(10mL)(C2). C2 ---> 3μM EHNA The reaction samples will contain roughly 1nM EHNA
Figure 1. Monitoring concentration versus time of the conversion of adenosine to inosine using ADA as a catalyst in the presence of EHNA inhibitor.
Adenosine Concentrations vs. Time.png

  • In comparison to the