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Objective 1) Porphyrin Cross-Linking 9again) with 2 drops of H2SO4 and cross link with out Na2SO4.

Objective 2) Perform Porphyrin dilutions

Objective 3) UV-Vis analysis of porphyrin dilutions.


  • Porphyrin cross-linking was done again by placing 2 drops of H2SO4 and it was cross-linked with out Na2SO4. To do that, 2 drops of HCl, 1 ml of glutaraldeyde, ml of porphyrin was used.
  • UV-VIS of Porphyrin Solutions:

100 micro molar, 50 micro molar, 25 micro molar, 12.5 micro molar, and 6.75 micro molar porphyrin dilutions were made for UV-VIS analysis. 3.375 micro molar and 1.6875 micro molar solution of porphyrin solutions were made.

  • 3 stock solutions of 50 micro molar sodium sulfate (Na2SO4), Iron (II) sulfate (FeSO4) and aluminium sulfate (Al2(SO4)3) were prepared.

50 micro molar solution for Na2SO4 was prepared in a following stoichiometric way: Molecular Weight= 142.07g/mol

(142.07g/mol)* ( 50 μ mol/1L)* (0.000001mol/1μ mol)* (1L/1,000 ml) * 10 ml = 0.071035 g in 10 ml of HPLC graded water.

We lowered the concentration down to 50 m M (milli molar) in a following way:

(50 mM) V1= (50 μΜ) (10 mL) V1=0.01 mL. Therefore, 10 μL in 9.99 ml (999 μL) was added to make 50 mM Na2SO4 solution.

Note: The same procedure was employed when making 50μM and 50 mM solutions of FeSO4 and Al2(SO4)3. 0.144 g of Fe2(SO4)3 was added in 10 ml of HPLC water to make 50 mM solution and 0.328 g of Al2(SO4)3 was added in 10 ml of HPLC graded water to make 50 mM solution.


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