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Preparing 30% MOF/ABS Sample

  • The 30% MOF/ABS was prepared in a slightly modified way.
  • An initial sample of 12.0g of ABS was loaded into the extruder, extruded, and the appropriate amount of ABS to make a total mass of 12.0 g was mixed with 3.6 g of MOF-5 and loaded into the extruder.
  • The bulk of the MOF that stuck to extruder screws was scraped down into the melted plastic/MOF mixture.
  • While the extruder was still hot, the bulk of the mixed portion was scraped free of the machine and collected. Below are several relevant masses:

  • Initial mass of ABS added to the extruder: 12.0076 g
  • Total pure ABS extruded 9.4178 g
  • Mass of ABS that was mixed with MOF 5.82 g
  • Mass of MOF that was mixed with ABS 3.600 g

  • Pure ABS end-piece extruded 0.29200 g
  • Initial Aluminum Foil 4.7981 g
  • Piece of MOF/ABS left in extruder spot 15.41454 g
  • MOF Powder Removed (unmixed) 0.01196 g
  • Unmelted ABS Removed (unmixed) 0.02996 g

  • Fully mixed mass 10.79522 g
  • Total mass expected (accounting for unmixed portions removed) 11.6758 g
  • Expected Percentage (accounting for unmixed portions removed) 29.98 % MOF-5 (8.37984 g ABS, 3.58804 g MOF)
  • Lowest Possible MOF Percent (assumes all missing mass is MOF) 23.19 % MOF-5