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Attempts to Quantify MOF in ABS

The process below was performed on 5/20 and 5/31.

Approach 1:

  • Ground 10% MOF/ABS sample into powder by freezing with liquid nitrogen then grinding with a mortar and pestle.
  • 1.0179 g of powder was dissolved in ~ 350 mL Acetone.
  • Side Note: it was noticed that the resulting solution was extremely cloudy indicating that it was likely that something did not dissolve. It was determined that the butadiene was merely suspended in the acetone solution by dissolving pure ABS in acetone then spinning it down to determine if a powder would precipitate out of solution.
  • The ~350 mL solution was spun down in a single Falcon tube by spinning at 3500 RPM for 8 minutes, then decanting and saving the supernatant. After decanting, more of the solution was added and the process was repeated.
  • The remaining acetone was allowed to evaporate. The mass of solid isolated was 0.3105 g.
  • 41.3541 g of a 5% NaOH solution was then added and the resulting solution was sonicated.
  • The supernatant that was collected was poured into an evaporation dish and the volatile acetone was allowed to evaporate.
  • The solid that remained was collected and massed. The mass of solid isolated in this manner was

Approach 2

  • 1.0013 g of the ground up 10% MOF/ABS sample was placed in 20.0115 g of 5% NaOH solution.
  • The sample was sonicated and saved for ICP analysis of zinc content.