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  • With UV/Vis, measure absorbance of BSA and formation of gold nanoparticles from HAuCl4 samples with mole ratios ranging from 120-134.
  • Measure absorbancy of samples created 9/5/12 with Tris buffer at pH=8 and compare spectra to the one obtained last week for the same samples
  • Prepare Au/BSA fibers for resuspension at pH 10


  • UV/Vis was run on HAuCl4 and BSA solution with mole ratios of 120, 128, 130, 132, 133 and 134.
  • UV/Vis was run on HAuCl4, BSA and Tris solutions. Spectra were compared to those obtained last week.
    • The same microcuvette was used and cleaned between each spectra.
  • Solution was made with a mole ratio of 170 using the same stock solutions and procedure as the 170 [Au/BSA] solution prepared 8/29. 8 solutions were prepared and they went in the oven at 80oC for 4 hours.


Bsanarrow.png Round 2 n 3.jpg


  • Resuspension with tris: There was no change at 528nm, the wavelength of interest for AuNPs, relative to the background. However, the background decreases on the third trial.
  • Au/BSA at various ratios: This time, the peak in absorbance at 528nm is at 130 rather than 128. This is interesting because in last set, the peak was at 128 and abs. dropped to near zero at 130. Also, in the last set, abs. was an order of magnitude greater than this time.