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  • Weigh PVAC ribbons and soak them in 20 ppm Malachite Green for UV-Vis in 10 minute increments
  • Dry PVAC ribbons for pXRD and DSC
  • PVAC bead synthesis


  1. The Malachite Green solution was made and after UV-vis was found to be at a concentration of 20.2ppm
    1. Dilution of .5mL of 20ppm into 5mL for a total concentration of 2ppm total to be measured with UV-vis
    2. 1.4163g of PVAC ribbons were placed into 10 mL of 20ppm Malachite Green Solution
  2. DSC preparation
    1. Tzero Pan weight: 0.04192g
    2. Tzero Pan and PVAC ribbons weight: 0.04494g
    3. Tzero Pan, PVAC ribbons and Lid weight: 0.05539g
    4. Total weight of PVAC ribbons in pan: 3.02mg
  3. pXRD Preparation: Take dried PVAC ribbons and condense them onto a pXRD plate
  4. New Bead Synthesis
    1. Weigh out 0.5020g of PVA and 0.0565g of Montmorillonite clay into 6mL of 10% HCl stir over heat until everything is dissolved
    2. Add 20mL Ethyl Acetate and 0.75mL of glutaraldehyde to a beaker with a stir bar and spin the solution
    3. Start Adding the PVAC solution drop wise to the ethyl acetate and glutaraldehyde
    4. After about 3 minutes add another 0.75mL of glutaraldehyde to the solution
    5. Once the finished adding the PVAC solution, add 25mL of sodium bicarbonate
    6. Centrifuge the sample at 3000rpm at 4 degrees celsius for one minute


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