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  • Researched possible dissertation topic on Statins
  • discussed with Rich
  • it's been done before

--Melissa S. Dulcich 21:21, 16 December 2008 (EST)

  • Lab Meeting
  • Overview of how things are and create a teemplate
  • Status of each project:
  • A) Grape: got 1st batch money
  • need to do IACUC protocol & give backboe paper to Rich
  • need to figure out way to get grape extract in food: 15% of weight of food; milled into rat chow; eats 4-5g/day
  • get mice ordered and start!
  • b) Tim's cerebellar w/Joel
  • c) Eli Lilly mice: 50 mice (1/2 PDAPP/3 1/2 (4))
  • run thru standard battery
  • 21 month old mice (no histology); 1/2 brain flash frozen; 1/2 histology)
  • D) Joel's TBI mice
  • Dir center health disparities and molecular medicein (mario De Leon: smat guy; spinal cord injury and stress
  • Jonnie Figaroa-post doc - looking at stress and essential fatty acids
  • E) Bellinger Project starting son;
  • F) Ropacki's 1.5-2 months starting
  • Need to: get lab permaently set up. 1st order of business
  • can drill straight into celing
  • plast trash bags, series of stripes
  • Future meetings
  • presentation: 1 or 2 talks (1 person 15 min; 1 person, 20 min)
  • paper review, data updates, animal model/whatever, overview of topic; information presentations

--Melissa S. Dulcich 21:31, 16 December 2008 (EST)