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Project Description/Abstract

  • This notebook is designed to allow me to record my hours in the lab practicing and my comments or queries regarding ideas that came during testing in the lab. This is a general notebook, not particular to any project. This may later be ammended.


  • Summary of Research Activities to date
    • Fall 2007:
  • Spent hours in the Behavioral neuroscience lab running mice on rotorod, open field test and watermaze for learning purposes
  • Attended weekly meetings at the Neuroscience Consortium (1 hour per week).
  • Wrote a seed grant proposal for Eli Lilly Mice (and was awarded the money)
  • Attended one Obenause journal club meeting.
    • Winter 2008:
  • Attended weekly meetings for Neuroscience Consortium (1 hour per week).
  • Helped Dr. Obenause’s lab perform perfusions on mice.
  • Spent a week’s time doing animal certification training.
  • Attended lab meetings for Dr. Hartman’s Behavioral Neuroscience Lab whenever these meetings were called.
  • Met with Jerry to discuss his hydrogen therapy research
  • Spent some hours looking up behavioral tests to write a summary of these tests for Jerry.
    • Spring 2008
  • Did not attend weekly Neuroscience Consortium meetings (due to teaching a class on Fridays at CSUSB).
  • Ran behavioral tests (Garcia Battery) on baby rats for Jerry.
  • Learned protocol for and participated in bilateral carotid artery occlusion surgeries on baby rats for Jerry’s hydrogen therapy study.
  • Attended two meetings of the journal club (newly formed) for Hartman’s behavioral neuroscience lab.
  • Prepared a paper for presentation at Behavioral Neuroscience lab journal club. (never presented it).
  • Spent some hours analyzing strategy of mice when swimming water maze (for Brody data).
  • Attended several meetings on strategy analysis. Discussed possibility of Hierarchical Linear Modeling for analysis.
    • Summer 2008
  • Met with lab for strategy analysis discussion.
  • Began researching possible journals for review article publication (Alz & phytochemicals)
  • Started researching articles on epigenetics and Alzheimer’s to see if there is a possible project there (a personal interest of mine).
  • Beginning to write on review article chapter (just this week)
  • Narrowing down journal possibilities (just this week)
  • Helped Joel run rotorod for one day and watermaze for one day.Helped Joel run watermaze for part of another day, but had to leave due to feeling ill. Was unable to help Joel further: was ill for the next 7 days.