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  • Use autoinducer system to facilate selective transcription
  • Design receptors to activate selective transcription (so cell can respond to external chemicals)
  • Uses
    • Cell now can be asked to perform certain functions: divide, die, etc.
    • Programmable cell?
    • Data storage?
    • Perform computation?
    • Chemical detection? (Similar to immune cells: find bad stuff -> produce toxins/antibodys)
  • Could cells be programmed to multiply and organize into tissues/organs?
  • DNA transfected into neuron -> can direct neuron to divide?


  • Aglow in the Dark: The Revolutionary Science of Biofluorescence
    • Luciferase -> protein "ignitor"
    • Lucifrin -> "fuel"
    • Aequorin -> produces bright blue light activated by calcium
    • Fireflies -> use ATP
    • "Light energy is transferred from the luciferins to the fluorescent protein by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
    • Fluorescent protein has been developed that can detect conformational changes (p. 228) Might be useful for determining if synthetic receptors work See "A Genetically Targetable Fluorescent Probe of Channel Gating with Rapid Kinetics" BioPhysical J (2002) Paper
    • List of bioluminscent organisms
      • pelagia noctiluca - jellyfish
      • pholas ductylus - clam
      • pyrophorus - beetle
      • parellus - fungi
      • angler fish
      • shrimp
      • noctiluca scintillans - dinoflagellate (boilum from microsomes called scantillons)
      • photinus, photuris, lucida - firefly
      • odontosyllis - fireworm
      • cypridina - sea firefly
      • renilla - sea pansy
      • obelia - hydra