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Entry title

Purpose: To create filaments.

Safety and Procedure: See 6/9/2014


The nozzle was cleaned by sonicating it in a plastic centrifuge tube with acetone for several hours. To aid in cleaning, the nozzle was removed and the ABS scraped out with tweezers. To clean the extruder a handful of ABS was run through it.


 Mass of TiO2 5% #2 (6/10/2014)       Mass of ABS  
 0.4889 g                             4.0120 g  

The TiO2 fragments got stuck in the extruder, making a ball that had to be pulled out. The filament got stuck in the nozzle very quickly, the extrusion rate slowed to almost nothing. To solve this issue the hopper was cleaned out and ABS was run through the extruder.