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/==Entry title== Purpose: To create more filaments from castings.

Safety and Procedure: See 6/9/2014 for how to make the filament


The NH4-CNC castings from 6/9/2014 were cut up into small pieces for the extruder. The extruder was cleaned out by running excess amounts of ABS through it to get rid of any TiO2. The nozzle was sonicated in order to remove any excess ABS or TiO2 that could contaminate the new batch.


 Mass of NH4-CNC 10% #1 (6/9/2014)  Mass of ABS  
 0.4412 g                           4.0105 g
 0.5299 g                           4.0147 g
 Mass of NH4-CNC 20% #1 (6/9/2014)  Mass of ABS
 0.4644 g                           4.0049 g

The first two filaments listed were able to extruded normally. The third one however, NH4-CNC 20% #1 (6/9/2014), the filament extraction rate became slow. To solve this excess ABS was added in an attempt to flush out the cellulose which was believed to be clogging the nozzle.