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Purpose: To create more casting samples and to create more NH4-CNC.

Safety: Casting is same as 5/19/2014. The compound used to create more NH4-CNC is Na-CNC.

Procedure: The procedure to create NH4-CNC is to take Na-CNC and run it through an ion exchange column to remove the Na and add NH4. Approximately 10 mL of Na-CNC would be run though the column, and collected in a vial, before it would need to be flushed with 10 mL of very pure water, which would not be collected in the vial but instead a waste beaker. The vial of NH4-CNC from the column needs to be frozen on dry ice before being vacuum dried overnight The casting procedure is the same as 5/19/2014.

Experimental: The NH4-CNC was made using the method above. The column was run throughout the day, with it being checked on about every 20 minutes. It took about 20-25 minutes, on average, for a mL of CNC to work its way though the column. Over time however the rate at which the CNC went through the column decreased. Once it took about an hour for a mL to work it's way though the column the column was flushed with 10 mL of the pure water.


 Mass %	Mass TiO2	Mass ABS
 15.0%	0.1497 g	0.8475 g
 25.0%	0.2494 g	0.7502 g
 50.0%	0.5000 g	0.4992 g

The vials of just TiO2 and acetone were put in at 10:20 and sonicated until 11:30 when they were removed to add the ABS. The vials were sonicated with the ABS from 11:45 to 2:30 and then casted.