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Purpose: To create more plastic casting samples using Na-CNC 6.2% weight in both ABS and PLA.

Safety and Procedure: see 05/19/14


 Mass %	Mass NH4-CNC	Mass PLA
 5.0%	0.0504 g	0.9489 g
 10.0%	0.1004 g	0.9001 g
 20.0%	0.2011 g	0.8001 g
 30.0%	0.3018 g	0.7987 g
 35.0% 0.3514 g        0.6504 g
 40.0% 0.3997 g        0.6009 g

The NH4-CNC did not suspend completely in the dichloromethane, there were still small pieces visible when the PLA was added.

 Mass %	Mass NH4-CNC	Mass ABS
 30.0%	0.3011 g	0.7009 g
 35.0%	0.4001 g	0.6511 g
 40.0%	0.3510 g	0.5988 g    

There was an accumulation of NH4-CNC on the bottom of the vial before adding the ABS. To remedy this the vial was manually shaken to make a homogeneous mixture before placing the ABS beads in.

All the NH4-CNC samples in their respective solvents were placed in the sonicator at 10:25 AM and allowed to sonicate until 3:30 pm. The vials were then removed and the plastic beads added. The vials were sonicated again from 3:35 pm to 6:15 pm.