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Ross ran a mass spec of a reaction mixture (Mb lyophilized from acetate +OPD+H2O2 in Methanol at 4C that I had run overnight in the fridge and then lyophilized). I wanted to see what the products are.


File:20140327 4CMbOPDMeOHReactionMix RunByRoss.pdf

The link above goes to the mass spec of the crude mixture. Importantly, there are peaks for the starting material, o-phenylenediamine (112m/z), one of the products, 2,3-diaminophenazine (211m/z), and one of the postulated products of HRP-catalyzed oxidation of OPD, 2,2'-diaminoazobenzene (212m/z). There are other peaks as well. I should run an HPLC on the mixture to see how many peaks I get.