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Solvents for protein stabilization

Prepping solvents for looking at protein stability in organic solvents.

  1. Acetonitrile
    1. 0.4175g (nBu)4NPF6 + 25mL acetonitrile
    2. 0.6752g 18-crown-6 + 25mL acetonitrile
    3. 0.4033g (nBu)4NPF6 +0.6756g 18-crown-6 + 25mL acetonitrile
  1. Hexanes
    1. 0.4021g (nBu)4NPF6 + 25mL hexanes
    2. 0.6697g 18-crown-6 + 25mL hexanes
    3. 0.4012g (nBu)4NPF6 +0.6892g 18-crown-6 + 25mL hexanes
  1. DMSO
    1. 0.4129g (nBu)4NPF6 + 25mL DMSO
    2. 0.6872g 18-crown-6 + 25mL DMSO
    3. ran out of (nBu)4NPF6 for this joint solvent with + 18-crown-6