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Abigail and I are trying a new MOF synthesis. 51.8 mg DO2A 61.0 mg Zn(NO3)2 6H20 3 mL of diethylformamide

in a scint vial with a teflon cap

sonicate to create a suspension

Place in oven at 130C at 9:45am

Abigail and I checked the reaction at 12pm, the solution was brown. This is much different than the first time we performed the reaction, where there was a clear solution with a percipitate. We are going to let it run until 1 and then let it cool.


  1. Make plates
    1. 2.5g LB
    2. 2.0g Agar
    3. 100mL water
    4. autoclave
    5. add 100uL of 100mg/ml ampicilin
    6. Pour plates