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Running a fluorescence scan of AuCl3+lysine


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Stock solutions

  1. Lysine
    1. 3.93 mg lysine
    2. to 10.0 mL water
    3. 182.7 g/mol
    4. 2.15 mM
  2. AuCl3
    1. 32.39 mg AuCl3
    2. to 25.0 mL water
    3. 303.3 g/mol
    4. 4.27 mM

Sample: 0.25mM AuCl3, 137.5 μM Lysine (chosen for rough concentration of lysine in lysozyme AuNP samples), pH 4

  1. 300μL 1 mM HCl
  2. 176 μL AuCl3
  3. 192 μL lysine
  4. 2332 μL water

UV-Vis Spectra

I took UV-Vis spectra before and after the fluorescence scans.

Picture of reaction product

Fluorescence Spectra

  1. 290 nm excitation, 10.0 nm slit width
  2. Emission: 310-540 nm, 10 nm slit width
  3. 100 nm/min


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