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I am making 20mL fiber samples for students to use. These are being made in scintillation vials.


Au: 1.035mM HAuCl4 that I had made previously for the 110 students

Lys: 52.3 mg lysozyme in 50mL water = 73.6uM


  1. 4.83 mL Au
  2. 1.52 mL Lysozyme
  3. 13.65 mL water

ran out of lysozyme and made new stock

100.6 mg lysozyme in 50 mL water = 140.6 uM


  1. 4.83 mL Au
  2. 0.79 mL Lysozyme
  3. 14.38 mL water

samples were heated (with caps loosely added) at 80C until fibers were formed.


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