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Note my lab notebook page from Friday. All of your samples failed for some reason. I made a bunch on Friday. Some are OK and some aren't. We'll talk about this when you get into lab.


  1. We are going to be performing UV-Vis and Fluorescence today
    1. Everyone will get an intro to these topics
    2. Groups 2 and 3 will take UV-Vis measurements using the Shimadzu UV-2550 in Room 207
      1. Group 2
        1. Sydney
        2. Andrew
        3. Matt
      2. Group 3
        1. Roberta
        2. Maxi
        3. Asya
    3. Groups 4 and 5 will take Fluorescence measurements using the Perkin-Elmer LS 55 in Room 207
      1. Group 4
        1. Jamie
        2. Nicole
        3. Benjamin
      2. Group 5
        1. Michael
        2. Becky
  2. Everyone will get an intro to using the Ocean Optics spectrophotometer in Room 203B
    1. Group 1
      1. Protease = Thermolysin (UniProt code: P00800)
  3. We are also going to begin determining the mass of AuNP fibers produced in a 1 mL synthesis.


  1. UV-Vis Kinetics Measurements
    1. Turn on computer in 203B
    2. Prep the temperature controller
      1. Fill clear bucket with ice and add some tap water to the ice
      2. Attach tubes from water circulator to the qpod 2e cuvette holder/temperature controller
      3. Plug in the water circulator
      4. Plug in temperature controller
    3. Prep spectrophotometer and lamps
      1. Turn on Jaz spectrometer (red button)
      2. Turn on DH-2000 light source
      3. Hold down blue "Deuterium" lamp button for about 5 seconds
      4. Press down red "Halogen" lamp button
    4. Turn on Temperature controller
      1. Open Q-Blue Wireless program from the desktop
      2. Set temperature to 37 C
      3. Set stir to 1000 rpm
    5. Initialize spectrophotometer
      1. Open OceanView program from desktop
      2. Click the "Create New Spectroscopy Application" icon
        1. Select "Spectroscopy"
        2. Select "Jaz", Click "Next"
        3. Select "Absorbance", Click "Next"
          1. Set Integration Time to 1 ms
          2. Set Scans to Average to 100
        4. Click "Next"
        5. Store Reference Spectrum
          1. Fill your cuvette with water or buffer and place it into the cuvette holder
          2. Make sure the toggle button (lamp shutter) on the DH 2000 is set to "Open"
          3. Click the LightBulb icon
          4. Click Next
        6. Store Dark Spectrum
          1. Make sure the toggle button (lamp shutter) on the DH 2000 is set to "Close"
          2. Click the LightBulb icon
          3. Click Next
        7. Click Finish
        8. Make sure the toggle button (lamp shutter) on the DH 2000 is set to "Open"
    6. Prepare your sample
      1. Clean
      2. Click the "Save graph to file/files" button (shaped like a floppy disc) from the "View 1" window
      3. Click "Yes" when prompted "You must configure save parameters. Do you want to configure now."


  • Add data and results here...


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