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I started working with John Heddelston today at NIST to do TEM studies on the fibers that we've made.


We are letting our samples dry on copper grids today (Cu Grids 753F-30049 - this is what was listed. I need to check with john again to find out what they actually are).

I brought 10 samples.

For each sample, I am placing 100uL (making sure that I get some fibers) on a grid held by tweezers. The tweezers are all numbered. These numbers correspond to the sample numbers below.

  1. HRP 70
  2. HRP 150
  3. HRP 190
  4. BSA 125
  5. Pepsin 70
  6. Mb 45
  7. Catalase 150
  8. Hb 50
  9. Invertase 70
  10. Lysozyme 45


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