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Starting off with yesterday's stock solutions ([User:Matt_Hartings/Notebook/AU_Biomaterials_Design_Lab/2012/01/05 | Description here]) I'm going to try the 166 ratio again following the work of Group 5 in early December. see [User:Omar_Choudary/Notebook/Omar_Choudary_CHEM-571_AU-2011/2012/2011/12/06 | Omar's notebook] from the 6th and 7th for a description.

I am also going to make my solutions a little differently. Yesterday, I added water followed by gold followed by BSA. Today I'm going to add gold followed by BSA followed by water. It may turn out that the acidity of the gold solution on its own hastens the initialization of the reaction. We'll see. The results I got yesterday did not mesh with Group 5's. I got fibers and no purple solution. All of the other groups saw a purple solution afterwards whether or not there were fibers.

Samples for today:

  1. Au/BSA concentration ratio 152 (.1mL of yesterdays gold stock and 0.13mL of yesterdays BSA stock diluted to 1mL), made in an eppendorf tube to a final volume of 1mL. This sample is to be left in the heat block for 1 hour and put on ice. (Sample 21) Note, this sample started in a cold heat block. It took 10 minutes for the heat block to come up to temperature. Started at 9:35 am.


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