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Synthesized PVA-Clay Beads

  • Using protocol from last Friday, batches of PVA-Clay beads were made.
  • I am still unsatisfied with the synthesized beads. The amount of beads trapped in the organic phase is larger compared to the dense beads formed.

Activated Carbon Tests

  1. Preparation of Malachite Green solution
    1. .0996 g of MG in 500 mL of water
    2. UV-Vis calculated concentration: 146 ppm
    3. 136.75 mL of 146 ppm in 1000 mL
    4. UV-Vis calculated concentration: 23.3 ppm
  2. Activated Carbon vs. 10mL 23.3 ppm Malachite Green
    1. 10 mL of 23.3 ppm MG are added to .01 g of activated carbon for a period of time
    2. after the period of time has passed, the solution is filtered from the activated carbon
    3. UV-Vis spectra are recorded to calculate the amount of MG absorbed in the given amount of time
    4. Time intervals: every 15s for the first two minutes, followed by every 30 seconds for the next two minutes, followed by every minute for up to 10 minutes