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Completion of Malachite Green Diffusion through PVA-clay film

  • At 2294 minutes, the absorbance for the last measurement was taken.
  • Data analysis was initiated to find the diffusion coefficient for the malachite green.

Film Syntheses

  • The following weights of the materials were used for the syntheses of films; protocol may be viewed here.
    • 0.11151g clay + 1.00047g PVA
    • 0.11463g clay + 1.00168g PVA
    • 1.00733g PVA

Ion Exchanged Clay

  • Films cast on lab period 9/26/2014 were observed to be foamy. In addition, granules of the exchanged clay compounds were observed. The film is not homogenized and clay was not thoroughly dispersed.
  • Second trial in exchanging the ions in the clay made use of choline chloride and tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide.
  • The weights of each compound were written on the vial as depicted below the attached picture.
  • The exchanged clay were prepared using Dr. Hartings' procedure.
IMG 3120.JPG