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Measurements with AAS

  • Runs for arsenic and mercury samples are temporarily postponed due to technical issues such as defects with the detector and burnt out arsenic lamp.
  • Lead (II) acetate · 3 H2O was cancelled as well.

Films with Exchanged Clay

  • 0.11163 g of tributylhexadecylphosphonium phosphonium bromide (our exchanged clay) was added to 1.00888 g of PVA
  • 0.11024 g of (1-hexadecyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide (BEM's exchanged clay) was added to 1.00123 g of PVA
  • These mixtures were stirred and heated. It was observed that the exchanged clay would not completely dissolve into solution.
  • At the end of the lab, 0.5 mL of 0.8 wt% glutaraldehyde was added. The mixtures were stirred at room temperature and then cast into teflon dishes.

Suspension of Films in Rhodamine 6G

  • The arsenic, mercury, and lead were replaced with rhodamine 6G.
  • Stock dilutions of 159 μM rhodamine 6G into 1, 10, and 20 μM were prepared by James, Michael, and Eleni.
  • The table for the masses of the films and vial are posted on Jacob Esenther's page.
  • The following calculations for the dilution of rhodamine 6G are as follows, taken from Michael Bible's entry:

Preparation of solutions

  • The three concentrations of R6G were created from a stock solution of 159 μM R6G.
    • 1μM R6G - 0.629 mL of stock into 100mL - prepared by Eleni
    • 10μM R6G - 6.289 mL of stock into 100mL - prepared by Michael
    • 20μM R6G - 12.578mL of stock into 100mL - prepared by James


V1*C1 = V2C2

V1 = V2C2/C1

Vstock = (100 mL)(1μM)/159μM) = 0.629 mL

Vstock = (100 mL)(10μM)/159μM) = 6.289 mL

Vstock = (100 mL)(20μM)/159μM) = 12.578 mL