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Finance/Economy Lab Notes

Day 1

So for the first week I went through and sought how to go about doing this lab and found ALL of these useful sites.


Present Value

Future Value

Net Present Value





  • Consumer Price Index, it the percentage change measures inflation


National Bureau of Economic Research



Bureau of Labor Statistics


  • Okun's Law
  • Different Types:Frictional unemployment, Classical unemployment, Structural unemployment, Cyclical or Keynesian unemployment.

Someones Unemployment Graph/Research



IRS 2007 Data Book Publication


Census Bureau

Population Estimates

But even with these sites, I didn't have a specific direction. Going over these major topics wouldn't help. So i had to decide some thing specific or study certain topics or points.

Day 2

So this is week two. After one week of deciding how I should go about this I decided to look narrow in on some of the topics. So here is my purpose so study the GNP vs. GDP of the US from 2000-2007,(bush administration).

Things to consider

  • Is the source reliable
  • GDP of the US
  • Inflation in the US

Analyzing the GDP of the US

  • ppp(Purchasing power parity)[2]
  • nominal

[3] BEA Nationa Economics Accounts GDP

"The chained 2000 dollar values are computed by deflating the current net subsidy values by the GDP deflator for federal non-defense expenditures, which is obtained from the National Income and Product Account tables of the Bureau of Economic Analysis."[4]

GDP deflator [5]

[math]\operatorname{GDP\ deflator} = \frac{\operatorname{Nominal\ GDP}}{\operatorname{Real\ GDP}}\times 100[/math]

Random Page for benifit[6]

Another one [7]

Measuring Inflation

The CPI is the measure of the percent change in inflation. Rate of change in inflation. Or better said by Wiki, "A consumer price index (CPI) is a measure of the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households...The percent change in the CPI is a measure of inflation."

CPI (Consumer Price index) Look Above vs. Producer Price Indexes (PPI)

"basket of goods" - ???!!!

BLS Graph and Data for CPI [8]

US Stock Market

Who's who, and what's what? [9]Nice Basic tutorial on the Stock market.

A stock represents ownership of a company's assets and profits.

here are three big stock exchanges in the United States:

  • NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  • AMEX - American Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers