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November 6, 2013


  • Further purification of ZnPPIX by procedure from Dr Hartings in "Purification of Laboratory Chemicals" By Wilfred L.F. Armarego and Christina Li Lin Chai
    • Hemin (ferriproptoporphyrin IX chloride)procedure used, substituting ZnPPIX for heme- calculations done to determine 1:1 molar ratio between ZnPPIX and acetic acid (AcOH)


  • Initial ZnPPIX mixture made and filtration performed
  • Tomorrow: filter off crystals from today's sample, washing with 50% aqueous AcOH (5mL), H2O (10mL), EtOH (2.5mL), and dried in air
  • From here: redissolve purified ZnPPIX in DMF, calculated concentration, made 10x (and 100x?) dilution to run UV-vis measurements & determine concentration using Beer's law, do calculations & make samples with new ZnPPIX, take UV-vis and fluorescence spectra for comparison to last week's (10/30/2013) spectra

Additional Notes

  • ZnPPIX solution never crystallized, so I was unable to filter it.