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July 17, 2013

Absorbance Data: AuNP@SiO2 Dilutions

All samples vortexed before running UV-vis measurements to ensure dispersion of nanoparticles in solution.<br.> 2013 0717 5uL TES-MHA 1.PNG 2013 0717 5uL TES-MHA 2.PNG<br.> <br.> 2013 0717 10uL TES-MHA.PNG2013 0717 15uL TES-MHA.PNG<br.> <br.> 2013 0717 20uL TES-MHA.PNG 2013 0717 dilution comparison.PNG<br.> <br.>

DNA and AuNP Attachment Procedure

Replicate procedure from 07/15/2013 with 268mM sodium citrate buffer.

Absorbance Data

2013 0717 AuNP-DNA & sups.PNG<br.> Corrected, with HEPES buffer used as reference solution.<br.> Calculations regarding the percentages of AuNPs and DNA in the solution and each supernatant will be done.<br.>

For NIST Tomorrow