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July 5, 2013

FCS Sample Prep

  • Green fluorescent beads
    • 10000x diluted, run 3x for 90s
  • PBS
    • To check for background, run 3x for 200s
  • DNA/MB
    • 125/100pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 100/80pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 75/60pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 50/40pM, run 3x for 500s
    • 25/20pM, run 3x for 500s

FCS Data

Graphs generated using Igor Pro.<br.> <br.> Avg Beads.png<br.> 10000x diluted green fluorescent beads were used to align the laser. Sample was run three times, for 90s each.<br.> <br.> Avg PBS.png<br.> PBS run to check for background fluorescence. Sample was run three times, 200s each to eliminate noise.<br.> Avg 125pM.png<br.> <br.> Avg 100pM.png<br.> <br.> Avg 75pM.png<br.> <br.> Avg 50pM.png<br.> <br.> Avg 25pM.png<br.> All DNA/MB samples run three times, for 500s.<br.> <br.> Calibration Graph:<br.> 2013 0705 calibration.PNG