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June 6, 2013

Zinc Protopophoryin Measurements Continued

Fluorescence data from yesterday 06/05/2013, and today. Fluor data thiol DNA, AuNP, ZnPPIX 0605 and 0606.png


Samples excited at approximately 420nm. We ran a new ZnPPIX/DNA sample again and it still showed no fluoresence. We tried heating the sample (at 75°C for about 30 minutes) as well, and still didn't see any. A ZnPPIX/AuNP sample was made to ensure the fluorescence was not due to the AuNPs, and though there appears to be a small amount of signal no peaks were observed.<br.> We complied relevant ThT, MB, and ZnPPIX data and observations from the last few weeks. <br.> Preparation work for the AuNP silica-coating reaction was completed.<br.> Research completed to determine adequate buffer to use in AuNP@SiO2 crosslinking reaction. <br.>