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June 5, 2013

Zinc Protopophoryin Sample Preparation and Measurements

Make samples based on calculations done on 06/04/2013, take absorbance and fluorescence measurements.

Fluorescence and Absorbance Data

Pic of ZnPPIX abs.png <br.> <br.> Pic of ZnPPIX fluor.png <br.>


The ZnPPIX/AuNP/DNA sample showed fluorescence as expected, however the ZnPPIX/DNA sample did not. A new ZnPPIX/DNA sample will be made and spectra run, along with a ZnPPIX/AuNP sample, for comparison purposes.<br.> New fluorescent bead samples (both green and red) were made at 10x and 100x more dilute concentrations to be run and analyzed on the FCS.<br.>