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April 16, 2013

Reconstituting DNA and Supernatants

10μL of water used to reconstitute each sample of DNA and each of the four supernatants

Gel Electrophoresis

Procedure from Allison Alix [2013/04/16]

Calculations for thiol DNA and ThT solution
  • AuNP starting concentration: 19.4nM
  • DNA starting concentration: 53.1μM

DNA required starting concentration: 5.82μM <br.> (53.1μM)V=(5.82μM)(500μL)<br.> V= 54.8μL 53.1μM thiol DNA in 445.2μL buffer<br.>

  • thiol DNA concentration required when combined with AuNP: 75×(19.4nM)=1455nM<br.>

<br.> Combine 250μL 5.82μM thiol DNA and 250μL 5μM ThT

  • DNA concentration: 2.91μM
  • ThT concentration: 2.5μM

<br.> Procedure continued on April 23, 2013<br.> <br.>