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April 9, 2013

Ethanethiol dilutions

AuNP: 19.4nM Ethanethiol: 19.4×15393 = 298624.2nM = 298μM

(340mM)V=(30mM)(1mL) V = 0.088mL = 88μL 340nM in 912μL H2O (30mM)V =(3mM)(1mL) V = 100μL 30mM in 900μL H2O (3mM)V=(298μM)(1mL) V = 99μL 3mM in 901μL H2O

Combine 200μL 298μM ethanethiol and 200μL 19.4nM AuNP (from March 1, 2013)

Absorbance Data

from Allison Alix Data on [April 9th]