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September 11, 2013


Take Atomic Absorption measurements for gold standards, BSA-AuNPs, and citrate-AuNPs. Construct a calibration curve with the gold standards data.


Atomic absorption measurements taken of the following samples

  • Gold Standards:
    • 5ug/mL
    • 10ug/mL
    • 15ug/mL
    • 20ug/mL
    • 25ug/mL
  • BSA-AuNPs
  • Citrate-AuNPs
    • 10x dilution
  • Water


Calibration Curves

Group Data<br.> 2013 0911 calibration.PNG<br.> <br.> Class Data<br.> 2013 0911 calibration class.PNG<br.>


  • Determine the number of Au atoms per nanoparticle
    • [Au]from AA class calibration data=74.45ug/mL
      • Converted to mmol/L= 0.37798mM
    • [AuNP] from UV-vis determination= 8.349nM

[Au]/[AuNP]=(3.7798×10-4M)/(8.349×10-9M)=45272.49 Au/AuNP<br.>