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September 4, 2013


Continue procedure from yesterday.


Absorption Spectra

2013 0904 inosine spectra.PNG<br.> All peaks at 249nm. <br.>

Calculations and Analysis

Error analysis table:<br.> 2013 0904 error analysis table.PNG<br.> Separated by concentration; the average, standard deviation, and outliers (via Q-test) were found for the entire classes' data.

Calibration Curves

Group Data<br.> 2013 0904 inosine calibration curve.PNG<br.> Class Data<br.> 2013 0904 Group Data.PNG

Determining Unknown's Concentration
  • Unknown from: Zach, Eleni, Moira
  • Concentration determined from our calibration curve: 1.164x10-5
  • Concentration determined from class calibration curve: 1.323x10-5
  • Actual concentration:

Matt Hartings I'd like to see the group calibration curve. I'd also like some quantification of error in your concentration calibrations.