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The main goal of this lab was to get familiar with fluorescence and UV/Vis by making solutions of different concentrations, and running them through both the fluorescence and UV/Vis appartus.

  • A more detailed description of our procedure can be found here

We performed UV Vis measurements using the Shimadzu UV-2550 in Room 207.


Using a stock solution of Lysozyme of 21.4µM, make a solution of a different concentration and run it through fluorescence and UV/Vis. Materials:

  1. 21.4µM lysozyme
  2. 3mL cubette

We decided to make a 7.13µM solution, and in order to do this, which is 2 parts water and one part lysozyme, we did the following:

  1. Measure 2mL of water
  2. Measure 1mL of lysozyme

Place 3mL of the new solution in a cubette. Run through fluorescence, save data. Then run through UV/Vis, save data as raw and as txt format.


Matt Hartings What did you do? What concentration did you make? Where is the class data?