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To Do

  • Show Brian around


  • Brian is the new undergrad in Kochlab and Koch wants me to train my replacement (ha! j/k but it was funny that the "goodbye Linh" email was followed closely by the "welcome Brian" email)
  • Access the wiki
  • Laser safety thing
  • How to order crap (CRLS and CHTM)
  • Google Docs thing
  • Test new emails (notes & purchase)
    • It helps if our names are on the list! I added everyone to the notes and purchase list through the controller (only the google docs page was on there, i dont know if koch intended the google thing to forward the email to all of us, so i just hard wired our emails to the lists)
    • Steve Koch 00:31, 26 August 2009 (EDT): I actually did that intentionally. My reasoning is this: the dtra & dna email lists can be used for messages you want people to read right away. Whereas the purchase and notes emails just go to the common google account, which anyone can check at any time. That is, if it's important news, send to dtra...if it's something you think needs to be filed for later, use "note." Make sense? I'm goint to change it back, actually, which is easy to do.
      • Linh N Le 03:07, 26 August 2009 (EDT) I gotcha. I guess it was unclear from that email you sent last week (to me anyways). Might be a good idea to make sure everyone understands the use of said lists, assuming i was not the only one to get it mixed up
    • Steve Koch 00:35, 26 August 2009 (EDT): And actually, people are welcome to add themselves to those lists, if they'd like to. I think it's easier to do via the gmail account.
  • Lab Notebook
    • Note to Koch: Brian's edits do not appear in the "Recent changes made by lab members" search
    • Steve Koch 00:31, 26 August 2009 (EDT): I think I fixed this, unless you're looking at another page.
  • Anything else he and I can think of

Ant Laptop

  • Ant says that the little wireless cameras will not remote shoot from his laptop anymore
    • Fixed, the camera needs to be in preview mode
  • Also having a problem running the Nanodrop, hopefully restart and reinstall of the software fixes the problem
    • Its saying it has a problem with low signal and that it needs cleaning
    • We tried cleaning it with DI water and also air blowing it (nitrogen) but the error still comes up
    • Brigette emailed Thermo about it (Error 1046 i think)