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To Do

  • Fix some cables


  • There were 2 cables I made the other day that turned out to be bad (I was stupid and didn't check them)
  • Koch feel that soldering causes micro-bridges to form that can cause shorts
  • I rechecked all the homemade cables currently used in the optical lab
  • 2 of the most recent were bad and one from a long time ago was bad
  • Koch wants me to try to fix them, but this time, crimp the gold needle onto the wire instead of solder, then try to remove said needle by hand
    • Koch wants me to look up, on the internet, how others do their cable making
    • The 2 videos on YouTube that I watched demonstrate the technique using a crimp tool
  • The wires are all now fixed and ready to go. I even screwed the cables back into the DAQ card
    • I will return these cables to the Optics Lab and place them on the black table near the tweezers so that a qualified professional can re-install them

Steve Koch 02:42, 21 August 2009 (EDT): Thanks! And thanks for looking up the video -- my opinion is strongly in favor of not doing extra soldering -- I think it can only cause harm and there is no added benefit.