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To Do

  • More motility?


  • Yesterday, we forgot to add AF to the mixture
  • There may have been a chance that the lipids worked, but when you can only see a MT for ~3s, theres not really a good way to confirm it

Hancock Paper

  • I read the Hancock paper that Andy sent me about surface passivization
  • There are 2 questions that I had for Andy about that paper:
    1. The paper states that k-casein is the worst for kinesin binding and kinesin-MT binding (the only "upside" is that only long MT's stick)
    • Andy Maloney 15:54, 14 August 2009 (EDT): Yes. Was there something more you needed clarifying? I don't understand if you have a question.
    1. When they prepare BRB80 w/casein, they stated the centrifuged out the non-dissolved particles whereas we wanted it to completely go into solution yesterday
    • Andy Maloney 15:54, 14 August 2009 (EDT): Again, yes. You make a valid point. What is your specific question? As Koch mentioned, these are good points from the paper but I don't know if you are asking me a question or not.
    • Steve Koch:Wow, these are both really good points. In regards to the first, didn't the motility work really well for you with the kappa casein the other day?