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To Do

  • Mystery Package
  • Lab Tour?


  • A package of 2 power supplies came in the other day but no one knows who ordered them
  • I got ahold of Tamara and got it straightened out
    • It belongs to another prof, they just put the wrong name on it

Lab Tour

  • CHTM is having its Silver Anniversary event today and there are lab tours sched' in the evening
  • Although I'm not slated to help, I'm sure I will be around and might help Brigette make a motility assay or something to show off (at the very least just run the computer or just get in the way, we'll see)

Hancock Paper ReHash

  • So my "questions" werent really questions so I will rehash what i said with what Andy has responded with
  • Q1: The paper does not dissolved the casein in the BRB completely. Why do we want it to go completely into soln?
    • A1: Koch got it all to go into solution back at Sandia, so we should too. Caveat: Koch's "BGB" stuff may be a milk powder (like coffee creamer) that is designed to go completely into solution whereas our purified stuff does/can not
  • Q2:Why do we use k-casein even though the paper says its the worst for kinesin binding?
    • A2:We use k because it "produces" longer MT's on the surface, making Larry's program run better. Caveat: Andy overlooked the fact that k does not bind kinesin very well (the paper measures kinesin affinity by the amount of MT's stuck to the substrate and k comes in last) and is rethinking what to do at this point
    • Steve Koch 01:08, 16 August 2009 (EDT): This is a tough question. What we'd like is robust (works every time) and uniform (works similarly every time, repeatable). I think Andy and I both got the impression that kappa casein fit the bill here. But it's worth re-examining. Andy's idea that lipids would be even better is well-aligned with the goals of repeatability and robustness--but he'll have to figure out which lipids and how (and it still may not work as well as casein(s))