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More LABView

  • Dr Koch made a suggestion on my previous lab entry about my 3d array deal
    • Unfortunately, I do not think my message came across clearly
  • I have a for loop that runs through each photo in a file and creates a 2-d array of pixels for each photo
    • If it is not a photo, it creates a 2-d array of 0's as a place holder
  • The array of arrays comes out as a 3-d array, a "page" then a 2d array on each "page"
    • Koch suggested I turn the 3d array into a 2d array, which is bad b/c i want to keep it in 3d form to preserve the "one photo per page" form it has
  • What I want to do though, is delete "pages" that have no image on them, since labview gets mad at me if I try to image an array of 0's
  • Koch is a genius. He came in and told me to initialize the array and then concatenate it using shift registers. This helped eliminate the creation of blank arrays when a non photo is passed.
  • One step closer to the end! I got the VI to display an array of photos that is scroll-a-ble
  • 2 problems with the program
  1. The "original" photo does not look nice like the one Larry has been working on. Mine is too bright
  2. The array, after being pixel-ized , is blue
  • Koch to the rescue again! We fixed it by changing the 12bit array into an 8 bit array (by dividing by 2^4) and then made a color map which took all RGB into a grayscale
    • The old photo was only using the Blue scale, thats why it was blue

Acetic Acid

  • Also known as Vitamin C
  • Brigette tried to use vitamin C on microtubules
    • Koch's email stated that it would act as an anticrumbling agent
      • I "helped" (but most likely just got in the way)
  • She made a fresh batch of tubes
    • We also tried to image the old tubes from friday that Igor and I made, but those were dead
  • The fresh batch didnt show anything
  • The fresh batch + Vitamin C didnt show anything
  • She thinks she used brb80k on the tubes, which either didnt stabilize or just plain ate up the tubes.