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  • Working on the VI still
  • Trying to make an array of images
  • I think i can do it with 2 for loops, one for extracting the image, and one for displaying the pixels
  • Right now, my main problem is that I have an array of pixels (3d array) coming out of my first for loop
    • I want to eliminate the arrays that have no data in them
    • the method i'm using is array->find min/max of array->min indexes of array -> delete from array
      • I dont know how to make the delete from array work on 3d arrays though

Steve Koch 02:40, 9 June 2009 (EDT): These 3-D arrays are rectangular, so it's not a big problem...but in general, 3-D arrays can cause problems. A way to get around this is to "bundle" the 2-D array into a cluster. The cluster has only one element (the array). Then you can build a 1-D array of these clusters. In general, that makes things much easier to deal with AND, it prevents problems with a whole shitload of zeros being added when the 2-D arrays don't have the same dimensions as each other.


  • Andy is worried there is a loss of power in the fiber
  • I setup the CCD camera I used last summer to look at our green laser for him on an old computer

Kochlab Meeting

  • This afternoon will be a joint meeting with Kochlab and Susan Atlas for the DTRA/Kinesin project
    • Any interesting notes will be put here
  • We got an intro session between Kochlab and the Atlas Group
    • She had two students with her, Godwin and Vijay
  • Koch gave his DTRA talk
    • Went over what are MT and what is Kinesin
    • Also went over what we want to do
      • Motiliity assay
      • Trapped bead assay
      • Heavy water
      • mess with osmotic stresses
  • Lab tour for Atlas Group
  • Also mention of a new private wiki just for this project