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Laura Alonso-Sáez


PhD in Marine Sciences in 2006 (Institut de Ciències del Mar CSIC, Barcelona, Spain). My field of research is the aquatic microbial ecology. During my PhD I have investigated links between bacterial diversity and carbon cycling, with the aim of identifying active bacterial groups playing a significant role in carbon processing on marine systems.

After my PhD I did a six-month postdoc in the microbial ecology group of Emilio Casamayor at the CEAB-CSIC (Blanes, Spain). During that time, I studied the activity of chemoautotrophic Crenarchaea in alpine lakes from the Pyrenees, focusing on the determination of dark CO2 fixation by archaeal populations.

In Stefans group, I am continuing my research on the identity and biogeochemical role of chemoautotrophic Archaea on aquatic systems, including Swedish lakes and marine samples from the Arctic and the Baltic Sea. I will focus on the identification of relevant populations of chemoautotrophic Archaea by means of microautoradiography combined with Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (MARFISH) and Stable Isotope probing (SIP).

My Publications