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cast our gel put glass number 1 and 2 together and pipet solution down the middle of the two pieces of glass. gonna clamp twice. nice gap in between and even on the bottom. put down into device. two sections of pouring . Resolving gel let it set. Stacking gell is where you are going to load your sample. comb mark it with a marker. take resolving gel just below that line. pour intial liquid just below that mark should be about 10ml. should remove comb and let set for 20 min. Add 0.04 ml temed and 0.1ml of 10% aps to the stacking gel and add it to the top of the gel. methanol inbetween. then add the stacking gel wait another 20 minutes than we add our samples.

After 20 minutes create 4 tubes of :

  • 10µl of ladder + 4 µl of orange (was on the far left when placed in the gel holes)
  • 16 µl of peak 1 + """
  • 16µl of peak 2 + """
  • 16µl of peak 3 + """"


Protein is not pure after one purification round. Need one more purification round.


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