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  • Run QuikChange on pMXB10 from yesterday(by Dr. Muratore) on gel
  • Check transformations on plates
  • Prepare for expression of pMAL-pIII and pMXB10/start cultures from colonies on plates

Bench work

  1. Ran 1.0% agarose DNA gel with 2-stage QuikChange of pMXB10 for +His tag from yesterday(by Dr. Muratore)
    • Lane 1: Ladder
    • Lane 2: ----
    • Lane 3: ----
    • Lane 4: pMXB10 QC +His 8/15
    • Lane 5: ----
    • Lane 6: ----
    • Lane 7: pMXB10 QC Ctrl 8/15
  2. Due to perceived failure of QuikChange from yesterday, performed a test PCR with pCMV-SPORT6+BSA to amplify BSA gene
    • Vary Pfu Turbo buffer and Pfu Turbo polymerase in PCR reaction:
    • Buffer A + Polymerase 1 == 'A1'
    • Buffer A + Polymerase 2 == 'A2'
    • Buffer B + Polymerase 1 == 'B1'
    • Buffer B + Polymerase 2 == 'B2'
    • Follow same protocol as 5/26
  3. Took 1 colony from each of pMAL-pIII and pMXB10 in DH10B and put into 10mL of LB medium with 10μL of 100mg/mL ampicillin
    • Grew O/N at 37°C
  4. Took 1 colony from each of pMAL-PIII and pMXB10 in ER2566 and put into 50mL of LB medium with 50μL of 100mg/mL ampicillin
    • Grew O/N at 37°C
  5. Replated the four lowest-yielding transformations:
    • pMAL-pIII and pMXB10 in ER2566
    • BamHI-digested pKK223-3 ligations of 10μL and 15μL in DH10B



DNA gel pMXB10 8.16.2011 labeled.jpg

    • Did not see what we wanted on gel -- suspect issue with reagents