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AU CHEM-570 Lab Prep Main project page
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Bench work

  1. PCR cleanup
    1. 70μL of membrane binding solution added directly to BSA PCR tube, for a final volume of 140μL (some of the extra volume is from the wax, but this is still more than expected assuming that I used 15μL from this tube last week).
    2. followed manufacturer protocol, using the vacuum method, and eluted with 50μL H2O
      • → store @ -20°C
  2. NheI digest
    1. 15μL of cleaned-up BSA PCR from step 1 + 5μL NEB buffer 2 + 24.5μL H2O + 0.5μL 100X BSA + 5μL NheI
      • → 2h@37°C
      • → 20'@65°C
      • → store @ -20°C