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  • Clean and know purify of Daniel´s PCR


  • Purification of PCR product with Roche´s kit of High Pure PCR product.
    • I joined tube A and B and were filled to 100μL
  • See purity of PCR cleaning with a gel.
    • Lane 1.5μL Ladder
    • Lane 2.3μL dye & 5μL DNA of cleaned PCR.
    • Lane 3.3μL dye & 5μL Control (Tube C from Daniel´s extraction).
  • Ligation of PCR purification:

I made two ligations by distinct ways.

    • DNA insert 5μL
    • DNA vector 1μL
    • Buffer10X 1μL
    • H2O 1μL
    • T4LigaseNEB 1μL

Second one

    • DNA insert 2μL
    • DNA vector 3μL
    • Buffer10X 1μL
    • H2O 3μL
    • T4LigaseNEB 1μL