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χρόνος πέρασμα May 25th 2011

  • Today I checked the petri dishes that were left incubating. They all were contaminated. Miguel told us what problems could have been the culprits. Anyway, Fabricio López and I will start it over again.
  • I let incubating at 37° the bacteria DH5α carrying the plasmid pBBRMCS5 in two test tubes with 5ml of liquid LB medium. 1 test tube contains only gentamicin, without bacteria, as a negative control. All test tubes were added with 5µl of gentamicin.
  • I used the thermocycler to amplify the amplification product Pablo García did (tube #2).
Tube A Tube B Tube C
27.5 µl 27.5 µl 27.5 µl H20
10 µl 10 µl 10 µl DNA Polymerase Phusion Buffer
1 µl 1 µl 1 µl dNTPs
5 µl 5 µl 5 µl Oligo Forward
5 µl 5 µl 5 µl Oligo Reverse
1 µl 1 µl 0 µl DNA template (Pablo's PCR tube #2)
0.5µl 0.5µl 0.5µl DNA Polymerase Phusion
50 µl 50 µl 49 µl Total
  • Tube C is a negative control.