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To create a [Ru(bpy)2(phen-NH2)](PF6)2 and carbonyldiimidazole solution.

This entry is a continuation from Dhea's Notebook.


.4 g carbonyldimmidazole (CDI) was massed. 0.3 g [Ru(bpy)2 (phen-NH2)](PF6)2 taken from the procedure described here was added to the CDI, and a vaccuum was applied to eliminate any water from the system, as well as nitrogen gas. Using a cannula, dry DMF was transferred to the Ru(bpy)2 (phen-NH2)](PF6)2 and CDI mixture. That mixture was cannula transferred to [nBu4N]2 ATP taken from the procedure described here. Nitrogen gas was applied. The resulting mixture was bright, clear orange in color, and contained solid [nBu4]2 ATP. The mixture was left to bubble overnight on a stir plate, as described in Lee, et al's "Synthesis and reactivity of novel λ-phosphate modified ATP Analogs" 2009.


This work is continued here