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Structural Models for Specific Proteins

Some related data available.

Pfam & InterPro

Search by TriA sequence Search by Melamine structure
  • 42 ligand hits were found by TriA sequence search in PDB. The ligands similar to melamine structure are:

Ligand hits by TriA sequence search in PDB.png

  • one protein hit (3BMM) were found by EXACT melamine structure search in PDB
  • There are 4 identical protein chains (A, B, C and D) in this structure

Protein hit by exact melamine structure search in PDB.png

  • 3D snapshot of 3BMM structure in jmol

3BMM structure in jmol.png

  • TriA and chains in 3BMM are locally similar in sequence (TriA vs. Chain C in 3BMM)

TriA vs. 3BMM chainC.png